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Monday, July 23rd 2012

7:57 PM

Panties preteen


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From: jim dsgsadgf
Subject: Dark_Fantasy Part 6The nurse escorts you into the room opening the door, the room is dimly
lit, with candles being the main source of light this gives the room a very
warm and cosy feel to it, especially with the raging fireplace in the
corner providing additional light. In the background you can faintly hear
NIN playing on the stereo playing 'Closer'. There is also german preteen hardcore a faint smell of
incense in the air, like scented rose and vanilla. The nurse walks across
the room to the double bed where a slender looking woman dressed in a
bathrobe lies on black satin sheets. The slender looking woman, presumedly
Kate talks to the nurse for a few minutes before dismissing her. The nurse
smiles at you as she walks past, urging you to go forward and talk or at
the very least sit with the slender looking woman on the bed."Please preteen virgin model come here" the slender woman sits up in bed and pats an empty spot
next to her. Shrugging your shoulders, you walk erotica preteen model
over to the bed and sit
down next to the slender woman. In the light you can see her face more
clearly, Her deep blue eyes are set off by her shoulder length jet black
hair, her face is clearly exotic, perhaps Norwegian guessing by the
beautifully shy preteen cuties tanned skin and flawless face. The eyes however are the most
striking figure, piercing, ice blue, they represent a woman who often likes
to little preteen pictures
be in control or be controlled."Are you Kate?" you ask, feeling almost foolish."Have I changed that much since we have last met?" the slender woman
laughs, preteen chinese pics bright and merrily.You smile at her preteen nude forum
response, sensing a change in the atmosphere, you go to
take off your boots, you don't want to dirty the asian preteen bikini sheets after all."Here, let me help you with that" Kate replies with just a whisper of a
smile on her lips. You watch as she gets up in front of you, her loose
bathrobe falling from her naked shoulders with a sensual whisper.You let my violate you...You look at the naked female in front of you; she has a beautiful body,
with a slim waist, large full breasts and a thin strip of hair leading
towards her pussy. Kate turns around and sits on your lap, straddling you
so that you are face to face. You grind your hips against hers as you suck
on her neck, nibbling, teasing until you feel her groaning, pulling your
head away from her neck so that she can return the favour.You let me desecrate you...Your hands reach preteen moldes down panties preteen playing with her ass as your tongue explores her
neck, breasts, and nipples. You concentrate on her nipples primarily,
laving them, rolling them around in your mouth until you feel preteens pedofilia sex it become
erect, covered in a film of moisture. She returns the favour, sucking on
your breasts as you push her head against it, wanting her to get more into
her mouth.You let me penetrate you...You turn Kate round so that her back is facing you, and lie down as your
hands play along her naked front, rubbing. Teasing. Exploring, whilst your
mouth continues to suck at her neck, your right hand trails across her
mouth. Kate takes each of your fingers into her mouth sucking on them
lavishly. Your left hand continues to explore further south reaching the
thin bush of pubic hair, your fingers intertwine with the hair as you give
her a few light teasing strokes, she is wet as you continue to lightly
tease her with gentle strokes, brushing and spanks. You part her lips with
one of your fingers but instead of penetrating her, you slide your finger
along the length of the lips, covering your finger in a light film of her
juices. You bring your hand back up and suck on this finger greedily, you
can taste her sex and it is making you wet.You let me complicate you...You roll out from beneath Kate and straddle her naked body, turning around
so that your ass is facing her face whilst your head is facing her
pussy. You slide up and down her naked body, the PVC material of your suitPicking up the sweat from Kate's body, thus increasing the momentum of your
movements, Kate moans in ecstasy as your lubricated PVC suit slides over
her erect nipples. You stop mid-slide and begin to slowly move further
south, working your tongue across the slope of her breast, across her
stomach, then down her left thigh. You stop when you reach her knee and
slowly make your way back up, nibbling, licking, sucking, you continue
working up until you reach the edge of her pussy, smiling devilishly you
skip across her pussy and continue down her other leg. Kate groans loudly,
pushing your hand back towards her pussy and corkscrewing preteen naked xxx her hips, trying
to get your head closer to her pussy. You preteen naked xxx resist her beckoning, choosing to
go even slower, taking your time as you slowly make your way down her thigh
then back up again.Help me the only thing that works for me, Help me get away from myself...When you reach her pussy for the second time, Kate clamps her legs around
your head in a vice like grip as she pushes her hips closer to your
face. With one of her hands she strokes the nape of your neck whilst the
other spreads apart her lips, you start near her anus and work your way up,
using the flat of your tongue like a child would to a melting ice-cream
cone. You reach a spot where Kate starts moaning louder than usual,
spreading apart her lips with solely your tongue you isolate her clit and
slowly make circles around it, with the tip of your tongue. Kate is moaning
louder now as her legs clamp tighter around the back of your head, she
spreads her legs wider now, trying to get as much of your tongue into her
as possible.I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside...Kate is moaning louder now as she pumps her hips up against your mouth in
rhythm to the flickering of your tongue against her clit. Just when you
feel Kate's thighs shiver in anticipation of an upcoming orgasm, you insert
two fingers into her all the way. She is extremely wet as your fingers
slide up with ease, at the same time you run your tongue over the whole of
her clitoris, whilst moaning at the same time, the vibrations sending
shivers of pleasure up her spine. Kate's orgasm culminates in an
"ohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD OH MY GOD OOOOOOOoooohh!" you slow down your licks
at this rate until Kate catches her breath and pulls you up with preteen naked xxx her hands,
releasing her binaries preteen models
vice-like grip from your neck.You can have my everything...Pulling you up so that you are standing, Kate gets you to turn around; with
your back facing her she unzips your PVC cat suit the full length. You
shrug out of it and it falls to the floor like a husk of your past lying
barren on the floor, devoid of anything, lost, empty, unknown. Kate bends
you over the bed spreading your legs wide open. Moving in-between your
legs, Kate gets down on her knees and starts to lick your ass, swirling
circles with her tongue around your anus as her other hand snakes
in-between your legs and starts to stroke your lips. Just as you start to
feel yourself lose control she stops.Help me its' your sex I can smell...Looking up, you see her walk around your side and sit down on the bed. She
beckons you over to her with a finger and bends you over her lap, like a
parent would to a naughty child. Picking up your cat o nine tails whip from
the ground, Kate starts to gently spank you with it, softly at first but
with increasing force as you moan for more, the all to familiar sensations
coming back to you in a flurry. Kate stops suddenly despite you begging for
more and reaches underneath the bed to produce a sleek looking dildo about
12-14 inches in length. Your eyes are large and luminous, clouded in
lust. 'Let german preteen hardcore me' you beg, Kate lets you lick the opening of the barrel but
does not relinquish her control as the dominator. You lie down flat with
your legs spread as Kate crouches in-between them, looming above, a great
shadow against the dim backlight. Kate slowly inserts the dildo between the
lips of your vagina, you are so wet that it slides in quite easily and you
arch your hips so that it slides in all the way the protrusion at the end
of the barrel smashing against your clit. Kate watches you as she slides it
back and forth in time with your pumping. Lowering her head, Kate starts to
stimulate your clitoris with her tongue, using broads sweeping movements
and flicking against it, much like you did to her earlier. You feel the
oncoming orgasm coming from deep within you as you can hear yourself
groaning and moaning louder and louder as if you were not really inside
your own body, but a third person watching everything. As you hear your
orgasm increasing in volume like some kind of strange surreal experience
you feel an incredible wave of pleasure flood your body, from the tips of
your toes to the tips of your hair, you feel yourself lose control. At the
peak of this you break free of Kate's hold, arching your back and taking in
a great gasp of air. At the same time Kate pulled the trigger on the
14-inch dildo. Once. Twice. Four times. With each shot air propelled jets
of hot water inundates you triggering off a chain reaction of orgasms, one
after the other, overwhelming you as your world blurs, into and out of
focus as you are lost in the inky blackness of unconsciousness. In the
background you can faintly still hear NIN Closer...
Through every forest, above the trees
Within my stomach, scraped off my knees
I drink the honey inside your hive
You are the reason I stay alive.
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Sunday, July 22nd 2012

12:00 AM

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